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In the year 1955 this institution was started by the rural farming community after freedom struggle to build strong future by the educationally stabilized civilians with gender equality.

This rural region was educationally backward. There were very few who completed the higher secondary educations and populated by agriculturists and agri -labors.

The unity and positive attitude of the farming community towards sustainable future is resulted in establishment of institution named “Madhyamika Shikshana Prasaraka Samiti” at Yadalli. It is noteworthy that the founders had the all time objectives of the institutions, those are: To establish schools and educational institutions, establish primary, higher secondary, higher education institutions, technical, commercial and industrial development, educational institutions, undertake integrated development activities for the area by providing socio-economic and environmental knowledge, establish library, research centers, hostel, boarding, gymnastic centers and provide necessary infrastructure etc.

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